Make investment workflows more collaborative

A workspace to find, organize, and contextualize data with your team to bring clarity to a complex investment world

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improving asset managers workflow

Remove data silos to make better investment decisions

In a world where the right information is getting more complex to find, we break down obsolete data silos such as spreadsheets, emails, and chats to create reliable investment templates that help you gather investment insights faster.

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Work with data that matters

Since 1939, we have been classifying companies and risks based on industries.
Yet, the world has become more complex, and old standards are no longer relevant.
We use a different taxonomy based on companies' business models.

Compare only similar companies with our unique classification system

Leverage customized estimates to support every decision you make

compare similar companies

Uncover extra-financial insights from documents

The investment world is shifting its focus from profit growth to meaningful wealth creation. Without a clear understanding of the extra-financial risk companies face, investors will fail to generate sustainable returns. Thread helps you investigate relevant sustainability topics before any investment decision.

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Advanced  topic detection helps you turn complex PDF reports into actionable investment insights

Drag-and drop any report to reveal critical  extra-financial information

turn complex pdf reports into insights

Build institutional knowledge

As an investor, you may know how frustrating it is to have financial models sitting in old excels losing their relevance over time. We help you create actionable data archives and materials that support your team's growth

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An investors' workspace for a post-COVID world

Thread is web-based, to mitigate the risk of encountering compatibility issues, data refresh times or crashes

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An app with minimal setup and training

Cloud backup

To ensure no more valuable data is lost after a crash

Data Security

Detailed trail of activity to never lose your data

User Access

Manage contributors with permission and role-based access control

Bring clarity to your investment decisions

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